• All men, women, and children alterations

  •  reducing sizes , revamping older styles, to minor repairs

  • Jeans are a must have in our wardrobe. Replacing the original hem is a specialty

  • Replacing Jacket zippers

  • Hemming drapes 

  • Repairing tears and alterations in leather

  • Patches on leather vests chaps and leather jackets  such as Harley Davidson

  • Patches on military uniforms 

  • Fire and Police uniforms

  • cub and boy scout uniform

  • zippers in jeans 

  • Bridal and formal dress alterations

  •  Weight gain or loss let us help make you look your best!      

  • Price List   2019

  • ​Jean Hem-----------------12.50
  • Jean Hem Original------15.50
  • slack hem plain -----------------11.50
  • slack hem cuff--------------------12.50
  • add 1.00 for lining
  • waist in or out--------------------10.50
  • waist seat crotch----------------24.50
  • hips or tapering of legs--------15.50
  • sleeves-shorten------------------23.50
  • sleeves lengthen-----------------24.50
  • sides in or out unlined---------22.50
  • sides lined in or out-------------23.50
  • shorten collar---------------------23.50
  •                SHIRTS
  • Sleeves- shorten---------------18.50
  • Taper sides----------------------15.50
  • Hem shirts-----------------------12.50
                   Dress and Skirt Hems 
start at 20.50 up depending on layers and lining
        Dress hems———————25.50
         Depending on yardage
  • waist on ladies slacks or skirts unlined -----------------------------18.50
  • lined----------------------------------20.50
  • sides on dresses unlined-----22.50
  • lined----------------------------------25.50- up
  • slack zippers---------------------15.50
  • most Jacket zippers------------24,50-up
  • Leather Jacket zippers--------24.50-up
  • most patches sewn on depending on size-----------------------2.00-5.00 and up
  • relining's in most jackets depending 
  • on length and jacket type--100.00 up
  • all Bridal and formal dress alterations depends on dress difficulty. quote given at time of 1St fitting.
  • most wedding dresses average around 300.00  more or less depending on what needs to be done. Difficulty and time involved .

We do a variety of alterations and repairs. Each repair can be different,so pricing is adjusted.

all slack hems, cuffs, with or without vents, Such as golfers
Visa, Master, Discover
Dresses with beading and other trims we gladly alter!
Fur alterations and repairs
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Zipper replacement in leather Jackets
Shorten Leather Jacket Sleeves
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